Watermark your photos easy and quickly

  • Add a watermark to batches of images and upload them on the internet without worrying about breach of copyright.
  • Add a logo to all your photos to promote your trademark on the web.
  • Add a web address to increase the popularity of your website. Even if your pictures are copied and published within other resource, they will bear your website address.
  • Add a text comment to make viewing your digital photo album more interesting.

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Download Batch Photo Watermarker
File size: 80.5 MB, Version: 3.5 for Mac OS (beta)
Download Batch Photo Watermarker
File size: 4.1 MB, Version: 3.5 for Windows
Sample watermark - diagonal lines

Add a distinguished watermark
or a company logo to all your photos

An image watermark is the only professional way to protect your copyright. Promote your company logo on posted photos to make your brand more recognizable on the Internet. You can add semi-transparent elements, shadows and other effects to watermarked pictures. EasySector photo software allows you to add image watermarker in .gif and .jpg formats, but the best choice is a file in the .png format.

For instance, you logo may look like this:

The EasySector’s photo copyright software has sample graphic watermarks feature which you can easily add your images. You can create your own watermark using any graphic editor. Please prepare your watermarker with a transparent background in advance in the .png format. More details about adding a watermark pictures in the advices section.

Use lines for maximum protection

You can use maximum protection for exclusive photos. If your photos are especially valuable and their theft may be crucial for you, our software will solve this problem.

For instance, diagonal lines may look like this:

You can adjust the slope, thickness, color and transparency of the lines and also the free space in the center where you can add a text or graphic watermark. You can place your text or graphic watermark at the intersection of the lines. Stock image services where the stealing of images is extremely crucial use this type of protection, which proves the reliability of this method. You can learn how to add such lines in the advices section.


  • NEW! Saving templates
    You can save a lot of templates with added text and logos.Yet more saved time now!
  • NEW! Keeping EXIF information. Starting from version 3.0, the entire EXIF information from the source image is kept. Now it is possible to add the text added as a watermark to EXIF.
  • Scalable text If there are photos of different sizes in your collection, you can configure the text size to be automatically scaled. It will keep the proportion of the text and image sizes according to your image. It means that the text will automatically get smaller on small photos and larger on large photos. It will make the text easy to read when the photos are viewed later.
  • Adding a visual watermark as text You can change all standard font properties (size, color, etc.). Advanced settings: transparency, background color, border. You can easily add the , or sign. Position the text or logo by just dragging it with the mouse.
  • Adding the date The software automatically detects the date of shooting (taken from EXIF) for each image and can add this date to the image. You can also specify a custom date.
  • Output formats The software can keep the format of each particular image in case of the JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG or GIF format. Or it can save all images in the JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG or GIF format no matter what their source formats were. You can specify the compression rate for JPEG files.

Additional benefits:

With our software, you save a lot of time without any loss in quality. All you have to do is select the folder with your photos instead of processing each file separately.

When you add some text or logo to an image, the quality remains unchanged . Only the part of the image the text or logo is added to gets changed.

You can select the format to save images in and their compression rate thus getting them ready to be published on the Internet .

The step-by-step manual of the software is as simple as possible and it is built right into the interface helping you to start working right away.

All updates are lifelong free for our customers. Always new and useful features. Updates are released approximately once in 2-4 months.

Free advice and recommendations about copyright protection for amateur and professional photographers on our site. Be the first to know!

Discounts up to 70% for our customers for all our other products related to batch image processing, both existing ones and those that will be released in future.

Download Batch Photo Watermarker
File size: 4.1 MB, Version: 3.5 for Windows

System requirements:

Windows XP/Vista
Windows 7
512 MB RAM (1 Gb Recommended)
Processor: Pentium 4
50 MB HD
SVGA or Higher Resolution Display
Mouse (Recommended)

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