Reviews of the Batch Photo Watermarker review

Like other similar programs, Batch Photo Watermarker adds text watermarks or image logos to all your photos in one minute. There are several nuances that distinguish Batch Photo Watermarker from similar software adding watermarks. It may be convenient to create and save a watermark template (text, fonts, effects, position) and use it every time you need to process new photos. "These features make Batch Photo Watermarker a convenient tool for any photographer or designer." review

Batch Photo Watermarker is an easy way to place highly customized watermarks on your images, ensuring that your name will never be separated from your work. Overall, we found Batch Photo Watermarker to be a powerful and versatile watermark tool. review

There are many occasions that I have seen the pictures of one website end up on another website without any credit being given to the creator of those pictures. So, I feel that watermarking is a very important aspect of any site that wants to post pictures. Using other photo editing software to watermark, you usually have to go through tons of menus and options just to pull up the option to watermark. Batch Photo Watermarker by Easy Sector is one of the best programs I have used for watermarking. It is easy to learn and use and it can watermark a whole file of photos in just minutes, saving you the hassle of having to watermark every single picture one at a time, which is a tremendous time saver if you have any amount of pictures that you would like to watermark. I found that you can save templates for quick watermarking or you could include all features into the photo, not being limited to just one. Batch Photo Watermark is also a very small file, unlike many other photo editing suites, taking up just 2.4 MB, which is great if you are limited on space. I loved the interface of Easy Sector's Batch Photo Watermarker, as it made it simple to accomplish everything that the program has to offer. review

Easy Sector’s Batch Photo Watermark program allows you to easily put copyrights, watermarks, date stamps, and logos right into the pictures. The Batch Photo Watermark program keeps your pictures right where they belong and deters anyone that may think about claiming your photos as their own. And the learning curve for Easy Sector’s Batch Watermarker program is almost non-existent with its simple interface and user friendly menus.

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