Oscars: Stars Have Their Own Jewelry-Bodyguards?

Oscars: Stars Have Their Own Jewelry-Bodyguards?


“We are happy, if the jewels are safely back in place.”

As a Hollywood darling Cate Blanchett took the Oscar two years ago, as the best actress for her role in “Blue Jasmine”, the world had several minutes to marvel at her spectacular earrings: 62 sparkling, white opals, from the house of Chopard dangling from the ears of a style icon, she had combined a pear-shaped diamond ring and a diamond bracelet, also by Chopard. In general, the Australian was wearing at that evening the jewelry that costs approximately $18 million.

Factor In The Advertising Value

Has not paid him, of course. The New York jeweler Harry Winston proposed for such famous celebrities a rent of exquisite pieces of jewelry that are for prominent makers an integral part of Award Shows and red carpets, for example as it was with an actress Jennifer Jones for the Oscar ceremony in 1943.

“Events such as the Oscars, are an important platform for us. The whole world is watching on this day, on the red carpet where the stars are shining brightly with their beautiful dresses and amazing jewelry. The advertising value for the company is priceless,” the Marketing Manager of Chopard. The Swiss company is, in addition to Harry Winston, Cartier, Jes MaHarry, Tiffany’s, and Fred Leighton is one of the most visible jewelry brands on red carpets.

In the house of this brand people very proud of such interesting thing: Each Nominee who wore in the past twelve years, jewelry by Chopard, has won the Oscar. Like Marion Cotillard, who picked up her trophy with a multi-row, filigree XL-chain. Also Penelope Cruz and Julianne Moore, the Swiss brought them diamond Oscar, it was really good luck.


Insurance is mandatory

The rent of the luxurious talismans usually begins within several weeks before the big day. An agent or a stylist gets in touch with Chopard – the Outfits of clients are planned very meticulously and carefully.

The jewelry company created a Lookbook with suggestions on the posted Stylist who determine a selection of dress that matching to jewelry pieces. “Certain desires are taken into account like stone colour and stainless or something else”, it emphasizes in the case of Chopard. Then the jewels will be brought to the client (or the customer). You will take the final decision about the jewellery if it is needed, adjusted, and the most importantly – assured. “The company needs to insure all pieces of jewelry. The insurance is informed about all Details very carefully: the direction to the event, the Outfit of the client, or if a Bodyguard is provided for jewelry. These are normal conditions. When one said: “Oh, opps it is gone or I can’t find this small piece of jewelry” so in the cases of delicate pieces it may happen because this jewelry can be easily damaged. So everyone who wear such jewelry should be careful. “Every time when the jewels are safely back in place, we are so happy and relieved”, says the Marketing Director.

Much more likely is that the wearer falls in love with her borrowed diamonds, and she wants to keep it. Nothing is wasted in this price class, but it is clear in the case of Chopard. Gwyneth Paltrow had more luck: her father bought the Harry Winston necklace, then she had won her first Oscar in 1999 and after the ceremony he gave it to her. Also Elizabeth Taylor, apparently she is like godmother of all the jewelry pieces in this world, bought the specially-designed flower necklace after the Oscar night in 1993.


Winner and Image

A separate Security for the diamonds belongs to Hollywood, now it’s a part of the basic facilities in Austria, the theft protection is a rarity there, reported Wolfgang Köchert. The Vienna-based jewelry company created once by the famous Sisi star, Ernst August donee his Caroline with Köchert-a diamond. Finally, this tradition is equipped in the house of presenter Kati Bello Director for the Opera ball.

Jewelry rental family from Vienna it’s like as in the star-and-tested America, told jeweller Köchert. “We do not have stylists who just come to the jewelry to choose something nice, a lady personally comes to us. It is also very important that you see this little and amazing piece once in Person before it is worn for a big Event.”

Köchert says that it is more important when the wearer of the jewelry fits the Image of the brand.

“We are not so much for Bling-Bling, but rather for a subtle jewelry. A prominent wearer expresses the Standing of the company, its values, its Vision.” The restrained, intellectual person Wolfgang Köchert one day wanted to see his jewelry on Natalie Portman. And the actress said “Yes”. Her diamond necklace by Harry Winston was at the Oscar ceremony in 2012 “Talk of Town”. Announced price: several million dollars.

This Oscar-pieces of jewelry went down in history

The yellow-white flower necklace by Van Cleef & Arpels liked Liz Taylor as well, that was bought right after the ceremony.