The favorite jewelry of the stars and their beautiful moments

The favorite jewelry of the stars and their beautiful moments



There are moments in life when you should and moreover you want to look just perfect… the Stars and starlets of this world, this is particularly important for them, since it’s practically their professional image. Whenever they are photographed, and it happens quite often, they should look as perfect as possible and be glamorous.

Very often celebrities are photographed on the red carpets of this world. The preparation for these Events is so enormous. There are many designs that can spot the dresses, the Make – up planned, and to insert the hairstyle. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that the Outfits of the Stars are similar, and it is real Disaster when you consider how much work has been invested in the preparation! Often little things make the Look of a Celebrity, first individually and distinctive… These things can be, for example, a beautiful and unusual bag, or just a delightfully sparkling and glittering jewelry! Just at Galas and other important Events jewelry pieces give an Outfit the final touch. One need only to look at the pictures of the Oscar at night, in order to understand how jewelry can enhance a beautiful, but simple dress. Furthermore, sparkle and glitter of the jewelry pieces in flash, and spot light just too beautiful.


But the Stars can wear this amazing jewelry not only for special ocasions, but it causes a great effect this piece of jewelry on their usual Outfit. In everyday life, a necklace or a bracelet makes a simple everyday outfit as something Extravagant and Special. Whether a Statement necklace, earrings or bracelets, each Star wears nearly on every photo and on every occasion a piece of jewelry. In the case of Galas, the jewelry opulent and glamorous, this can’t be, but also in the everyday life of creativity and individuality, there are no such limits. A simple Jeans and T – Shirt combination will be worthy of through extravagant jewelry star fit and photo.

The Celebrities and their special jewelry relations

The love of the Stars to fine jewelry shows also in fact that a lot of celebrities posing as Testimonials for the jewellery makers. Nicole Kidman, the Omega View and Jessica Alba smiles advertises for the Swiss precious jewelry manufacturer Piaget. In addition, there are also the ranks of the Stars, to try yourself as a jewelry designer. Jessica Simpson, Alessandra Pocher, or the ” It ” Girl Olivia Palermo have just sold some of the big name Stars and starlets, to design your own jewelry and it is quite successful. The example of Olivia Palermo is like another side effect of a great piece of jewelry that is recognizable: Olivia has upgraded her Outfits with Statement necklaces and this type of chains is so popular. Because it has combined the chains so great you were to your trademark. This led, in turn, that they designed their own chains.


Also JLo was in the middle of the Nineties, known for certain jewelry pieces, namely, glittering and often kind of gaudy-looking diamond-studded Hoop earrings. These pieces of jewelry were not only their trademark, but they helped her, also in accordance with your current Image. At the time wanted to you as ‘ Jenny from the block’ will be known and more likely to be a little pretentious or something, rappiger’. With the later re-changing the image of the singer and actress also the Hoop earrings was disappeared again.

But everyone who thinks that only women try to change something in theor look by using jewelry, is wrong. Men also use jewelry for self-expression. Let’s say a Rapper under the Stars who loves making it through extravagant jewelry and lot of Bling Bling just to get attention. This music has the style quickly with a thick, Golden member, diamond-studded Crosses and dollar signs.

And even if it often seems otherwise, it’s also not immune to the lords of the creation jewelry trends… Every man is shaking now outraged with the head and against this statement vehemently defend, but it is a single Name is enough  convince David Beckham! The footballer was one of the First who wore a silver diamond stud earrings, and a Trend with this special with the same triggered. Many of the men had an ear piercing and wore one’s own diamond earrings would be that one can be proud of.

So not it is to be noted that jewelry is often only a short-lived Trend or a decorative accessory, but reveals who we are or who we want to be. It shows and supports our own style.

Even more, a properly-chosen piece of jewelry can say a lot about those people who wear it. Stars such as Madonna or Nicole Richie trying to communicate with your Jewellery and even your attitude. Madonna wears, for example, always her red Kabbalah bracelet. Nicole Richie often wear different pieces of jewelry with the Peace sign. Photos of jewelry is common to see and can say, without a word what exact message will be sent.


The piece of jewelry

The piece of jewelry made for the Stars but always and everywhere for the most excitement and the most spectacular of the marriage – or engagement ring! You will be photographed with such a Ring, world catches the speculation and the rumor mill starts to bubble! Britney Spears or Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively have already done it and it’s their own experience. Also about the engagement ring of Kate Middelton was partially written the page in length. It was mainly due to the fact that this Ring was clinging the story. The Ring was as  the engagement ring of Prince William’s mother Diana, whose tragic destiny of moving the world.

However, not every piece of jewelry should be symbolic and not every piece of jewelry needs to be analyzed and interpreted. Often it is sufficient if a Ring or a bracelet looks beautiful.

Nowadays, it is not often so important, whether it is the pieces of jewelry genuine gemstones and diamonds or fashion jewelry.

Coco Chanel was one of the First that has made the fashion jewellery popular and socially acceptable. Today, it can be worn what I like and what fits the personal style, life motto, or your own purse. If you are no longer wearing jewelry with a certain grace and a certain self-understanding of many of the pieces even clear whether it is real diamonds or only’ a cubic Zirconia. That is, you have to be a Star to beautiful jewelry…. This is a question of your style than of money.