Celebrities against prohibition and the drug war

Celebrities against prohibition and the drug war

An essential clarification according to which international stars are also humans but the only difference that they have much more money than the rest of people, and for this reason you try to bring to your life a little changes in consciousness to bring a little color in your luxury. Collaterally with hedonistic drug abuse, there are also such celebrities who see the problems what concern the drug-prohibition system, regardless of the use of the medium on the side of the drug reform movement.


Moreover it can’t be called an activism only if famous person who is known by his/her name of his favourite coffee shops and shares some photos with the owner. It’s a big deal when someone trust on the love to the Weed, but also the current, failed drug policy on the side of the reformers. The Stings case that was coming out a few years ago, the international mass media just blew up. In order to get namely, a substantial space was given and at least he would have been buzzed with a dotted swimming tires, it was needed to be reported that newborn activism process was not completed. However, he expected from fifty year old English Gentleman who has a big family that he would explain in the Huffington Post his reservations about drug prohibition and drug war and mmj inventory management (e.g. 420 Software and other). An article in the American drug reform organization, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), opened the world-famous musician eyes and he eventually became their enthusiastic advocate.

Sting didn’t call out the drug war, the inefficient and unjust political case of the United States, with consequence that the cannabis market will go right into the hands of the Mafia and of course into the biggest part of drug addicted consumers, but also into prisons, at the same time people who need to get cannabis because of necessary medications and therapies.

This unwise System would cost a lot of additional billions of Dollars. In the final part of his article he calls everyone to help this movement to success and the DPA. It’s obvious that he wrote nothing that was not already understandable, he just repeated the main principles of the reformers. However, this gesture has great importance, as a world-famous Star he was on the side of bad guys who called for such ugly things as decriminalisation, harm, limit or legalization, rather than that all drugs “to eradicate, root and stem”.

Glorification time is a little bit different now

Susan Sarandon, as a famous political activist, considered the drugs issue under the concept of few prohibition – permission, but rather under the contrast of stupidity and common sense. The actress, in her sixties, explained to the public that they banned the drug to their children, but you’ve raised to be a cultured use. Let us note then, that the professionals in the drug prevention, emanating from the realities, are one of the opinion that in more like Mature age, and in possession of more information someone has tried to drug, lower the risk, the results from the consumer and other factors. From such an attitude of the cultivated drug is the result of usage, the requires a way of life, in which the drug is miles away from the vital things that are removed, at the same time their consumption is fully integrated and has a pleasant effect in everyday life of the Concerned person.


But a significant part of young people – maybe because of the ban – seem to not be able to. This shows that when the alcohol is classified as a drug. Sarandon also said that you despise some of the natural resources and the magic mushrooms were the favorite one. Responsible parenting or not, it’s hard to imagine when someone hears such a statement from a popular Hungarian actress in the same age!

The seventy-year-old, world-famous Morgan Freeman voice is also in a newspaper about the own Motivation of drug use and related spiritual experiences. He said that he had abandoned the usage of cocaine and other “harder” drugs, but the “God’s own Plant” referred to marijuana, he did not want to leave in the future, because there is no reason to. The artist explained his theory that Moses was the case that wouldn’t have happened with the burning Bush without a little bit of marijuana, prompting the distraught Reporter who changed the subject, without that we would have heard about the efforts of the actor to Reform the drug policy, which he had explained on countless other occasions.

In the service of medicine

If we search for a celebrity who talks about true activism, Woody Harrelson is undoubtedly a candidate number One. The actor is not chewed only in “Natural Born Killers” Magic Mushrooms; it is also known that he consumed marijuana regularly and up to the present days he needs a drug reform, that’s all the word is talking about. In his opinion it is not the legalisation of Cannabis, but the respect for the freedom of choice that is in the foreground. In 1996, he had pulled four planting industrial hemp at home, in order to make the law of Kentucky, which does not distinguish between wild and refined hemp, to the test. Harrelsons case came before the court, where he left as the winner. In 1999 he made a documentary entitled “Grass”, where he speaks as a Narrator through the underbelly of the U.S. war against drugs. It is an interesting fact that the Film was banned in Ontario, but not because of his statement, but because of a scene in the chimpanzees that smoke marijuana.


More important role that Harrelson took over in 1997 when he had 500 000 dollars (!) Deposit for a certain Todd McCormick paid, a twenty-year-old activists for medical marijuana, which had grown for themselves and other cancer Cannabis patients to relieve their pain. McCormick, at the age of two years, ten times ulcers were diagnosed, had experimented with variety, trying to relieve the pain, and the lives of the sick is a better place to live. Finally, the Boy in 2000, was sentenced to five years in prison. The activist did not break even in prison, and since then he is again a free man, he fights for a law pro medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Harrelson sits on the Advisory Board of the legalization organization NORML and is almost at every protest rally in the first row.

Friendly Advice

The popular Jockey from Dallas, Larry Hagman, got after a successful liver transplant from a friend, a certain Jack Nicholson to the Council, to try marijuana, instead of hard drinking, which is fraught with much fewer health risks. His friend, the Oscar winner spoke from his experience. Belonged to Nicholson’s Playboy Image of the hedonistic life style, good wines, quality joints, other drugs, and the exuberant enjoyment of the fair sex for a long time. No wonder, then, that the Wind of the Hippie movement hit him and he experimented in addition to dissolute sexual life bravely with the expansion of consciousness. It’s unique, how he captured the spirit of the times. In the 60s, the films made “Psych-Out” and “The Trip”, were the basic works of the psychedelic culture. Nicholson is also now no despiser of the Good, but of the drug war. To a question he replied as follows: “My views are extremely convincing, but also unpopular. The repressive drug policy is destroying the rule of law and corrupt the police”. So easily the concerns against a prohibitive drugs can formulate policy.


Larry Hagman took the advice of his friend, and says now that you can sit with marijuana beautiful back and enjoy life, while the alcohol destroys the body and violent power. In his memoirs, he also reported about his experiences with LSD and mescaline, which provided him with formative insights into the lifestyle and from the fear of death freed. He recently went to an Interview so far that he would put any politician to try at least once in his life LSD.

Just legalize it!

Finally, a few words about Stars who want to legalize marijuana just because you appreciate its effect and it’s not dangerous as other drugs that are legally available. Rap, Hip-Hop or Reggae can have a countless number of icons, the fighting on their way for legalization. These guys – from 2Pac on Snoop Dogg to Boy Marley – get involved in complicated, lengthy legal treatises, they simply go in their own way, to think and develop their own, sometimes a very simple opinion about the world, politics, poverty up to the Grass. You don’t care, who exactly is the smart-ass that fabricated the law. Snoop Dogg has recently presented a Band with his own poems, from the sides of the cigarette paper, the Fans were able to turn to the reading of a Joint.