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Bill Maher

Bill Maher is a pioneer of sorts, having created tectonic shifts due to his highly irreverent style of comedy in this age of political correctness. Response to his comedy performances is polarized: he has die-hard fans on one hand, and on the other, critics who regard him as someone who is too prone to crossing the boundary between humor and insult. Bill Maher doesn’t believe in soft blows or mincing words; his comedy is head on and often deals with the inflammatory subjects of religion and politics. Ranked as number 38 on Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Stand-ups of all time, Bill Maher is also a well-known television host, social and political commentator and author. He was the host of a late night talk show on CNN’s Comedy Central, which was followed by the show being aired on ABC. Most recently, Maher has been hosting HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher.