A Guide to Studying Online in Maryville

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Maryville University provides the perfect venue for nursing professionals who want to pursue an online degree. Through the university’s online learning platform Canvas which simulates the classroom setup, students can check everything about their coursework and their progress in the program.

The virtual classroom offers various tools to give students full control of their schedule and to plan their activities accordingly. An online degree truly provides flexibility so students keep their own pace.

What Online Classrooms Look Like

Upon login, students will see the Dashboard. From this page, students can see various options on the left-hand side. These options include the calendar, courses, groups, and resources.

Students can refer to the calendar tab if they want to know the due dates for their assignments and other course submissions they need to hand in. Since the calendar displays all the important dates, it’s easier to plan ahead while consulting the calendar.

For students, the course menu where you can find all the lessons for your course is the most important area. There are modules for each week, and you can find all the course requirements for the week in this tab.

If you are concerned about the study load, you can consult the weekly plan for the entire semester to schedule time for your course. Weekly tasks may include readings, assignments, discussion forums, and live discussions.

How Classes are Taught

Instructors usually hold a weekly live discussion to talk about the topic. Even if you missed some items during the discussion, you don’t have to worry since videos are recorded and you can watch them at your own time.

Another way to interact with other people in the course is through discussion boards where you reply to the professor’s question and respond to what your classmates wrote. In these forums, you won’t be able to see what other students posted unless you post your own reply.

Then there’s Voice Thread which is pretty much a narrated presentation where you can receive comments from other students and your instructor.

Course administration through Maryville University’s online platform may be done through videos, slideshow presentations, self-tests, and case studies.

If the lesson includes videos, slides, and other media types, there are usually downloadable files and transcripts to supplement the lesson.

Case studies are also useful for nurses studying online since it simulates the settings in a healthcare facility where nurses try to diagnose patients. As the student performs required steps, professors evaluate their performance. This interactive learning tool may be used for practice and taken as many times as necessary.

Working in Groups

Group work is almost always part of the coursework in the university. Students get to know other people from different parts in the country. It’s easier to collaborate through Canvas thanks to the small group discussion boards, chat facilities and live discussion.

Maryville provides an environment which supports interaction between the members of the educational institution. Missing out on coursework requiring groupings is also made possible through the university’s virtual classroom. By providing all these facilities, the online learning platform makes it more convenient to study online and pursue a higher degree in the nursing profession.