10 Beautiful Celebrity Living Rooms (Photos)


I have to admit it. I love checking out celebrity homes. Home design is the most interesting thing that attracts me all the time. Take a look at the above-mentioned living room (Oprah’s Telluride home) at the top. It is amazing.

Why Living Rooms?

Living Rooms are one of my favorite rooms, because they are all about relaxation and entertainment. I love houses with a focus on beautiful and comfortable living room Design.

1When Researching dozens of celebrities living rooms for this post, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them are designed with comfort in mind. They are not all glammed up with fussy furniture. Instead, they are great, casual and of course comfortable. This is awesome.

While each house will cost in this gallery more than $ 1 Million, they are not the most expensive houses available. Okay, I think, as soon as a home Hits the $ 3 million plus range, it is beyond reach for most of us… but it is interesting that many celebrities spend every Nickel, you have to find a house.

Another very interesting point about this gallery is that most of the living rooms are huge. We could expect large, but not massive salons from Multi-million Dollar homes. In fact, many of celebrity-living-rooms (size), shown below, are not presented in a similar way.

2I think if you check out our list, you will find that celebrities have the good luck to integrate today’s trends in design. This living room looks fresh… one of them has fresh architecture, grace, leading, and publications.

In addition, well-paid celebrities (is that an Oxymoron?), the capital whenever you want, which is also a privilege, many of us do not have to renovate. For most, life is a major renovation or maybe twice in a luxury. Celebrities can do it every couple of years.

How do we choose 10 celebrity-living room (out of hundreds)?

We were looking for, what we thought were some of the most beautiful celebrity living room Designs. Of course, we don’t check the living rooms of every celebrity, but we combed through a lot of celebrity houses and chose top 10 we like the most.

Why we publish a gallery of the celebrities living room?

There are 2 reasons for this.

I like checking out celebrity houses, and I know that I’m not alone. They are popular.

3Some of the latest trends in the design are always real. Celebrities can afford to hire either leading interior designers or an ordinary specialist.

Enjoy the celebrity-living-room.

Nick Lahay living room (house was listed for sale , so it may be his former home). In the case of 8.100 sq. m. it is a respectable house; The living room is an interesting mixture of casual (furniture), elegant (the ornate fireplace) and a rustic (floors and Ceilings).

5Unfortunately, Jackie Collins, passed away recently. While you will stay for your novels (I’ve read most of them), should not be overlooked, your taste in homes. I love your assets and large, casual Living Room is a Highlight of the house.

Your estate is for sale and is listed by Hilton & Hyland.

6In our view, Oprah has an excellent taste. Your living room Telluride home is stunning. It has a touch of the Ski-Chalet Look, but is balanced with funky contemporary Designs. It is interesting, your choice of art really makes the space… the sculptures are a focal point of the room. A Take-away here is that art can improve a room design, really.

Oprah bought this house recently was listed with T. d. Smith.

Britney Spears’ Living Room, in home they recently purchased, is the most decorated in our gallery. It is not my ideal Design, but it is nicely done for art, and so it makes our list. Surprisingly, it’s not that huge (the house is big).

9Tyra Banks gets Design in your home. I love the large, light-flooded living room Design. It is large, but still small enough for light entertainment.

She uses white very nicely against the extensive wood features (ceiling, mirror wooden frames and floors).

It is for selling your home with Sotheby’s homes.

I have a weakness for ski lodges. I love the wood, high Ceilings and of course beautiful mountain settings brings me back to my younger years when I skiing every weekend.

The large living room is in a house owned by Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith is located in Aspen, Colorado. Check out the view from the Windows all around. It is amazing and really makes the room special.

This beautiful mountain Ski Chalet was MLSeingetragen aspen Glen wood.

Jeff Bridges the living room is not only amazing, his Santa Barbara Hotel is something Special. It is a large property with views of the Pacific ocean. The facility is spotless.

8In the living room, the focal point is two-fold. First, there is a large fireplace. Secondly, there are many arched Windows with views of the sea.

I love the simple design, wood-beamed ceilings and sash. I think it would be interesting, the room, without seeing the carpet, which has me a little bit in order for the entire Design.

This property is listed for sale with Suzanne Perkins.

Penn Jillette has a beautiful, modern house in Las Vegas. With a concert in Las Vegas, it makes sense that he bought a house there.

I like to find the modern home types in Las Vegas, and Penn Jillette at home is no exception. The living room is the hub of the home with soaring 2-storey ceiling. There is a large Opening to the Pool terrace. It is pure Vegas.10

He bought the house from the applicant Shapiro & Sher group.

We have included Jason Statham’s living room, since it is the modern style embodied you see in the Hollywood Hills.

It offers clean lines and lots of white with 2 black chairs. The floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the Pool.